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CA British Columbia, Canada
He speaks :  Arabic
He looks for :  Russian language exchange
Hi, My name is Iskander and I'm a a people person, I like to communicate with others and learn from their background and cultures . I was born in Cairo, Egypt and Now I live in Vancouver, Canada. I speak Arabic and English and Now I,m starting to learn Russian.
CA British Columbia, Canada
He speaks :  Japanese
He looks for :  English language exchange
Hi, I'm Yusuke from Japan, Fukuoka. I'm a college student in BC, studying Econ and Politics, and looking for those who learn Japanese and can speak English. I want to work in Canada in the future so I have to improve my English. My English is still in progress, but can communicate as least. I am very friendly and I can exchange my language and culture with anyone. And also I can talk abut Japanese politics and economics if you are interested in(not my political view). I can talk any topics you like so don't worry about that. In addition, if you have any materials to learn Japanese or anything written in Japanese, I can help you. So bring it in case when you see me in person. I'm looking forward seeing you! Thx