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He speaks :  English
He looks for :  Korean language exchange
안녕하세요! 제 이름은 데릭입니다. I am currently practicing Korean =) I hope I can find someone eager to learn the English language; who is also fluent in Korean so we can become language exchange friends! As much as i'd like to learn Korean I can put that aside, my main priority is to teach English. My Korean thus-far is not very good. But I am still practicing so bare with me please! Now a little bit about myself: I am quite young but don't let that be a burden to you because I am determined to help & learn =) I enjoy Science, English, and History. I hope to go to Korea in the future to possibly be a translator or English teacher. I am very fascinated by Korean culture. I really enjoy murder mysteries and horror movies. (I also enjoy many Korean shows and dramas. Right now I am watching Go Go Waikiki and it's so funny) I also have experience with helping Korean natives better their grammar and pronunciation- So something like this is not new to me. Hopefully I can become friends with someone and form that sort of- symbiotic friendship where we benefit each other! Please don't be afraid to talk to me I am very open to conversations on Kakaotalk and my other social medias. I really would like to help Korean natives in bettering their English skills!! 안녕하세요!!!