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He speaks :  English
He looks for :  Bambara language exchange
French language exchange
Portuguese language exchange
Haitian language exchange
Italian language exchange
¿Qué tal? Mi nombre es Jöan. Me gustaría aprender más lenguajes porque quiero viajar en el futuro y creo que estaría más cómodo participando en eventos culturales del país al que viaje. Otra razón por la cual quisiera aprender lenguajes es por mi especialidad de ciencia política y espero ser un embajador en otros países. Mándenme un mensaje ya que me encantaría conocerlos. How are you? My name is Jöan. I would like to learn more languages ​​because I want to travel in the future and I think I would be more comfortable participating in cultural events of the country to which I am traveling. Another reason why I would like to learn languages ​​is because of my political science major as I hope to be an ambassador in other countries once I'm done with school.
He speaks :  English
He looks for :  Japanese language exchange
Hello my name is Vincent Ivey 小马 Floyd. I am a half Black & half Taiwanese American. I was born in Okinawa, japan and raised in Mainland japan for 4 years. I am a full time student in college. I am currently studying Japanese language. I hope to meet people who I can practice with. Thank you for your time! わたしのなまえはフロイドです。わたしはアメリカじんです。そしてTaiwanじんです。 よろしくおねがいします!
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  French language exchange
hello I am a patient and fun person looking to practice French and get better at speaking it. I am willing to help you learn English.