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He speaks :  German
He looks for :  Arabic language exchange
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Hello! Hallo! Óla! Привет! Bonjour! Buongiorno! こんにちは! My name is Aedan; I am a native speaker of English, and am almost as good at German as I am at English. Meine letzte Behauptung beweise ich mit diesem Satz. Vertrau mir doch: ich kann gut Deutsch! :D I like languages. I am studying Electrical Engineering at my university, and my hobbies consist of music (listening to, playing on guitar/piano, composing/arranging/transcribing), outdoors (camping/hiking/kayaking/etc.), sports (especially Ultimate Frisbee), and video games. (I mostly play FPS games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, CS: GO, etc.) Я знаю немного русский. I know just about nothing in all other languages except French & Italian--and I only know a little bit in those two languages because of music.