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He speaks :  English
He looks for :  Spanish language exchange
Hello, my name is Benjamin and I'm hoping to practice my Spanish once a week with someone who is wanting to practice their English. I'm a native English speaker. I'm a carpenter who does home remodeling. I like to dance, play music, ski, mountain bike, travel, and be outside.
Hello! I was born and raised in Toronto and fluent in English and conversational in Cantonese. Given my ability to speak Cantonese, I would like to learn how to speak Mandarin as I often travel to China and would love to be order some good food! Interest include cycling, basketball, camping, and CrossFit.
She speaks :  English
Hi my name is Dannielle. I am daycare teacher. My native language is English. I enjoy watching Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese shows with subtitles on DramaFever.