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US Boulder, USA
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
Japanese language exchange
Hello everyone! My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Nana. I am a 20 year old college student at the University of Colorado Boulder. I major in both Computer Science and Music. Currently learning both Korean and Japanese so I can hopefully study abroad in August. My hobbies? I have so many. The couple of things that really spark my interest are video games and anime (I got into anime when I was in middle school, don't judge me) I love to go on hikes and my favorite of course would be camping. I am all about the "my intellengence is my beatuy" kind of stuff, I wasn't raised to judge a book by it's cover. I fluently speak both Spanish and English so I can definitely help out with either. If you'd like to know more about me definitely shoot me a message! Thanks for your time everyone!
US Boulder, USA
He speaks :  Arabic
He looks for :  English language exchange
Hello, I'm from Suadi Arabia. I would like to learn English and make new friends! And then I could help you with Arabic! Why I started learning English, because I like traveling, learning about different cultures! We can share our cultures. It would be fun! :)