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She speaks :  English
She looks for :  German language exchange
French language exchange
Italian language exchange
Spanish language exchange
Hindi language exchange
Hey hey, here another language geek. I'm currently looking for people to practise my French and Hindi with. I'm at uni, studying translation in French, English and Dutch. I love traveling and recently returned from a backpacking trip in Asia, where I started learning Hindi. I'm into yoga, photography, arts and books. I'm vegan and into sustainability and mindful living. I worked as an English teacher during my travels (British English) and occasionally taught French to beginners. -If you use this website as a dating profile, don't even bother messaging me-
He speaks :  Spanish
He looks for :  Dutch language exchange
English language exchange
Hola, me llamo Anderson. Me gustaría aprender y practicar inglés ( y holandés). Acabo de mudar desde España. Soy colombiano pero llevo 10 años en España. Hablo español. Me gusta mucho el fitness y comer.
He speaks :  Korean
He looks for :  Dutch language exchange
English language exchange
She speaks :  Korean
She looks for :  English language exchange
Hi, i'm Chae Young from Seoul, South Korea. I'm practicing English to communicate with native speakers, especially focusing on daily speaking! It would be a great help to improve English through this time and I'm also happy to share Korean and our culture in return! Hope to be a friend with you, please feel free to contact me:)