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He speaks :  Italian
He looks for :  Russian language exchange
Salve, studio russo da qualche mese, esercitandomi all'interno di un gruppo WhatsApp riservato solo a madrelingua russi e italiani. Se ti va, contattami e vieni a farne parte anche tu.
He speaks :  Italian
He looks for :  Spanish language exchange
English language exchange
My name is Raffaele,I'm 26.I live in southern italy. In my free time I like playing videogame,reading manga and comics,watching anime. I would like to meet people from Spanish and English;since I would like to learn more things about English and Spanish culture. If you are interested about italy,it will be a like for me to share everything you want to know about Italy. I'm looking for someone i can help me to improve my spanish level.I would happy to help you to learn Italian exchange.