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ID Semarang, Indonesia
She speaks :  Indonesian
She looks for :  Spanish language exchange
French language exchange
Russian language exchange
English language exchange
Languages are beautiful. Can't describe in words how I'm so interested in it. FYI, english and arabic aren't my native languages. But I can nderstand it as far as I can. Haha Indonesian is my native language. Be my exchange partner please!
ID Semarang, Indonesia
He speaks :  Indonesian
He looks for :  Russian language exchange
Hi Good People! My name is Fariz from Indonesia. I am currently 23rd years young and working as Consultant It's such as my pleasure to get to know with new friends from different countries :) I am a guy who love to learn about new culture. So I would be happy if anyone can share about their own culture and if it's never mind I need you to teach me about your own language. Please let's get in touch and become a good person who always like to share :)