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DE Münster, Germany
He speaks :  German
He looks for :  Korean language exchange
안녕하세요! im Nico from germany :) I'm searching for korean friends and of course i want to learn korean ;) because i want to emigrate to south korea in about 5 years. My korean skills are very, very basic. i can read the alphabet and write some words. And of course i can help you improve your german skills or learn together! I am a naturephotographer, musicproducer and interested in culture, japanese sportscars, videogames and technology.
DE Münster, Germany
He speaks :  German
He looks for :  French language exchange
Russian language exchange
Hi! My name is Andreas, and I am eager to improve my French and Russian language skills for professional reasons. Most of all, my goals are to improve my writing and speaking in and, of course, comprehension of the languages. I have got a certain background with both languages - after all, I was born in Russia and it was the only language I spoke until the age of 5... and I have got French in my repertoire for some years now without exceeding intermediate level however. This means that there is still some 'headroom' for me. In return I can offer help in English (I've spent about 8 months in the UK, improving my fluency and readiness. Also I studied English and American literature for about 4 years at a German university) and German, which has grown to be my first language, now that I have been living in Germany for more than 26 years. I would be glad and happy if you would like to get in touch with me and we could help each other to achieve our goals! Best wishes, Andreas
DE Münster, Germany
She speaks :  German
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
Japanese language exchange
Hello! My Name is Melanie, I´m a student and I always liked learning languages. I am visiting Japan soon for the first time and I want to find someone who can teach me japanese. I would also love to learn some korean since it´s becoming very popular and I already have some very basic skills in reading hangul (but please don´t expect too much :D) In schools in europe we always learn the languages of our neighbour countries so I´d love to learn something completely different! It would be very fun to also get to know the culture. I can teach german (my mothertounge) and also some english since I once lived in London for a while and I am almost fluent. Happy to hear from you!