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CN Qingdao, China
He speaks :  Chinese (Mandarin)
He looks for :  English language exchange
Korean language exchange
Japanese language exchange
Hi all. I come from China. Now I live in Qingdao. I'm optimistic and easygoing. Hope to learn different languages.
CN Qingdao, China
She speaks :  Japanese
She looks for :  Indonesian language exchange
Malay language exchange
Saya nak belajar bahasa Melayu atau bahasa Indonesia. Hi,my name is Rie.Im in China to study Chinese now. Recently i started to study Malaysian. I wanna speak Malaysian~ and I want to go to Malaysia,see beautiful nature,eat durian. Saya nak makan buah durian di Malaysia:-D 你好,我是Rie!现在在中国学习中文。最近开始学习马来语。 我很想会说马来语。如果你有兴趣日语和日本文化的话我们成朋友一起学习吧。