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He speaks :  Spanish
He looks for :  English language exchange
Hi, my name is Luis, I´m 42 years old and I´m from Spain. I moved to Hobart on finals of October 2016 due to my wife´s job for nearly 3 years, so I will stay in Hobart until August next year. In Spain, I worked as draftsman and 3d modeller (CAD). When I was in Spain my English level was very low so I considered this journey a good chance to improve it. I think my level is intermediate and I know that I have to improve it, right now, languages are a great value in Spain, talking about job mainly. I was studying at English Language College for 6 moth but I want to get more progress in the language. Currently, I continue studying, English and everything related with my work, and looking for a job but it´s difficult with my job profile in Hobart. I would like to exchange language with someone interested in improve their Spanish level, if you want to improve it, I would be glad to share time chatting. Regards. Luis