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AU Aldinga Beach, Australia
She speaks :  Chinese
She looks for :  English language exchange
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Hello, everyone I am very like to traveling & take a picture,I'm learning Korean and Japanese、French before, I can speak a little be Korean.I'd like to make more new friends,so if you have plan in Taiwan,we can meet together. about travel: I'm travel start from the 19 year old. At 2008 i go to japan Individual Travel with my friends,and I travel in South Korea for 9 days alone. In 2009 i taken my sister and she's college friends go to korea trip and i'm alone in korea about 12 days 2010 join to group tour go to Thailand alone 2011 Macao Hong Kong with my sister my friend and Shenzhen alone 2012 i'm trip and CS in Korea about 23 days 2013-2015 Round trip in Korea 2015 my trip start again    Sep in Taiwan to travel round the island    Sep-Nov travel round Korea    Nov Osaka, Kyoto, Nara,Japan    Nov Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Cambodia 2016.11-2017 now in Australia working holiday