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KZ Kazakhstan
Native language :  Kazakh, Russian
Studied language :  English
Hello, My name is Kamshatt_. I'm 19 years old and I live in in Kazakhstan. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Kazakh and Russian in exchange.
KR Cheonan, Korea
Native language :  Korean
Studied language :  English
Hello. I need friends who want to exchange language. I want to learn English more I can teach you korean too I like excersice, watch a movie computer game and so on Freely contact me!
RU Ryazan, Russia
Native language :  Russian
Studied language :  English
Hello! My name is Valentina. I'm from Russia. I study English. I would like to speak with a native speaker.
TW Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  English
good day!im angie from Formosa taiwan!work in hospital as a nurse, my hobbies are includ hiking yoga badminton music and movies etc.for me learning new language is like learning new world!like to travel and make new friends~
US Kimberly, USA
Native language :  English, Spanish
Studied language :  Russian
Hello my name is Kimberly and I am a full-time student. I speak English and Spanish and I am looking for someone to help me with my Russian and in return I will help yu with either English or Spanish, feel free to contact me :)
BR Brasilia, Brazil
Native language :  Portuguese
Studied language :  Italian, Russian, English
Hi! I'm currently studying english, russian and italian but I'm interested in many other languages. I can help if you want to learn portuguese as I love to teach others about my language and culture.
JP Osaka, Japan
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  French, Italian, English
I am doing the work related to construction. Two years later, after studying English at a language school in Ireland I would like to do construction work abroad. I want to go to various countries. I want friends from various countries. Let's all be friends! ︎( ・◡͐・)'◡͐')`◡͐´)°◡͐°)^◡͐^)´◡͐`)
JP 愛知県, Japan
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  Korean, Chinese, English
Hi I'm Japanese. I have my own homepages that show many kind of supernatural articles. Talking about real‐life supernatural story is common in Japan. Also I myself have many kinds of supernatural experiences. I want to exchange such experience story with people from lots of different countries. If you have your OWN spiritual experience, I want to swap with you.
ZA Cape Town, South Africa
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Hi! My name is Abi
FR France
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Russian
Hello, I'm a retired English-speaking English teacher. I also speak French and Afrikaans. I want to improve the level of my Russian (approximately lower intermediate at the present moment.) I could correct English or French texts for someone in exchange for the correction of my Russian texts (no more than about ten lines at a time.) Later we could speak on the phone in both languages but for the time being I don't have enough confidence to do so!) My interests: I love animals (I have a little dog called Belka - born deaf and adopted from a rescue home in Spain.) I love poetry (I once learned Spanish so I could read Federico Garcia Lorca in the original; but since have forgotten that language.) I love learning languages, enjoy going to the cinema if the film is a good one. I read a lot. До скорого свидания, я надеюсь !