Language Exchange


Shrxyaashahane - Language exchange
IN Mumbai, India
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  German language exchange
Hello! I am Shreya from India and I am currently learning German. i would appreciate any help with it! Also, I can totally help you with learning and speaking English! Feel free to contact me! Thank you! xx
Snowflake - Language exchange
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Chinese language exchange
I'm an American born Chinese who is learning Mandarin. I work full time. My family includes my husband and our 3 grown up children.
Ncku95246029 - Language exchange
PH Makati, Philippines
He speaks :  Chinese
He looks for :  English language exchange
HI, I’m brad from Taiwan, staying Makati about six months for study English, I’d love to find someone who can practice with me in English!!
Eliasthechef1 - Language exchange
DE Germany
He speaks :  German
He looks for :  English language exchange
Hi, my name is Elias. I am a student from Germany. I am learning Englisch in school and I would like to improve my english skills. Contact me if you like. You can also add me on Instagram.
Ayooshty - Language exchange
GB London, United Kingdom
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
Hey, My name is Aishah and I would like to find a language exchange partner so I can learn Korean and I'd be very happy to help you learn English and hopefully become friends.
Truong - Language exchange
VN Hanoi, Vietnam
He speaks :  English
He looks for :  English language exchange
Japanese language exchange
Hi everyone! i'm Vietnamese. I'm learning English and Japanese. I really want to improve my skills because i wanna communicate with people around the world. I'm looking for partners who can teach me English or Japanese. If you are interested, i can help with your Vietnamese and anything you want to know about Vietnam. Let's be friends.
Miyuki - Language exchange
JP Tokyo, Japan
She speaks :  Japanese
She looks for :  Spanish language exchange
English language exchange
Hi there , I was born and raised in Japan. Now I'm living and working in Tokyo .So my native language is Japanese . I'm interested in studying other culture and languages. I have studied English several years. I would love to improve my English conversation skill . Because I really love to traveling, I would like to travel all over the world. It would be great if I could find good exchange pertner and international friends here. Thank you for seeing my page!
Tsunammi - Language exchange
PL Bydgoszcz, Poland
She speaks :  Polish
She looks for :  English language exchange
Chinese language exchange
Russian language exchange
Hello, My name's Wiktoria. I live in Poland and I'm 17 years old. I really like getting to know foreign culture and traditions, so my hobby is learning other languages. My favourites are Chinese (Mandarin) and Russian. However, I also like Hungarian, Georgian and Ukrainian, but I'm aware that my English isn't satisfying and I should improve it. If you are interested in Poland, Poles and Polish language please text me! :) ~~~Wiktoria
Helen4625244520 - Language exchange
TW Taiwan
She speaks :  Chinese
She looks for :  English language exchange
Japanese language exchange
Russian language exchange
Hello, My name is 彥儀. I'm 16 years old and I live in in Taiwan. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English, Japanese and Russian. I'd be happy to help you to learn Chinese in exchange.
Delphi - Language exchange
FR France
She speaks :  Chinese
She looks for :  Italian language exchange
French language exchange
Hi there, I am a native chinese who practice French and Italian. I try to improve all of them but mostly since now I live in France, my priority will be French. Looking forwards to study languages with you! Fei