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NZ New Zealand
Native language :  German, English
Studied language :  Korean
Hello, My name is Zoe. I'm 18 years old and I live in in New Zealand. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Korean. I'd be happy to help you to learn German and English in exchange.
IT Milan, Italy
Native language :  English, Spanish, Italian
Studied language :  Polish, Russian
Hello, I'm Marco from Italy, would lile to create friends and practice languages
TW Chiayi, Taiwan
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  English
Hi there, I'm Jamie. I'm Taiwanese. My hobbies are watching movies, listening music, playing the piano, composing songs, traveling..., and I really like to make foreign friends, experience something new, something special and know different cultures as well. I'm looking for someone who speaks English and interested in Taiwanese culture. If you'd like to know more about Taiwan or to learn Chinese, please text me. I'm sure that we could be good friends. Btw, recently I'm considering doing working holiday or in US or Canada next year, so if you have some experience or suggestions could share with me. I'd like to hear :> appreciate it~!!
RU Russia
Native language :  Russian
Studied language :  Spanish, English
Hello, my name is Marina. I am from Russia. It would be nice to find somebody, who can help me learn english and Spanish. I love meeting new people and would be happy to help you learn or improve russian. Feel free to message me. Hola, me llamo Marina. Yo soy de Rusia. Sería agradable encontrar a alguien, que me pueda ayudar a aprender inglés y español. Me encanta conocer gente nueva y ser feliz de ayudarte a aprender o a mejorar ruso. Siéntase libre de enviarme un mensaje.
MA Morocco
Native language :  Arabic
Studied language :  English, French
Hello, My name is Simo and I live in in Morocco. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English and French. I'd be happy to help you to learn Arabic in exchange.
RU Saint Petersburg, Russia
Native language :  Russian
Studied language :  Spanish
Привет, меня зовут Илья. Я начал учить испанский год назад и до этого времени у меня не было возможности попрактиковать свои знания и понять на сколько далеко я продвинулся. О себе говорить можно очень долго. Проще сказать _чем я не занимаюсь- Не шью) Я впервые пробую найти друзей в интернете и мне очень интересно попробовать. Итак.... Hola) Hi, my name is Ilya. I started learning Spanish a year ago and until that time, I have not had the opportunity to practice their knowledge and to understand how far I've come. To talk about yourself for very long. Easier to say Cam I do not - do not sew) I first try to find friends online and I am very interested to try. So.... Hola) Google translate
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  English, Korean
My name is Pin Chi Lee. nice to see you :) I was born in Taiwan. Right now I'm studying Pre-Nursing in LA. I want to become as an Register Nurse in the US. So far I am learning Korean because I am interested in Korean culture and history. Hope can meet some Korean native speaker in here ^ ^
US Williamston, USA
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Russian
Hey, my name is Steven and I'm wanting to start to get into the language and culture of Russia. I enjoy being with my friends and can't wait to make new ones!
Native language :  English, Spanish
Studied language :  Japanese
Hi! I'm Jahniyah, and I am practicing Japanese and I would like to get to know someone who can help. I am fluent in English and Spanish so if anyone needs help in those aspects, I will gladly help in exchange for Japanese lessons.
TR Istanbul, Turkey
Native language :  Turkish
Studied language :  German, Spanish, English
Hello, My name is Burak. I'm 23 years old and I live in Istanbul, in Turkey. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study German, Spanish and English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Turkish in exchange.