Language Exchange


Kannadesu - Language exchange
JP Japan
She speaks :  Japanese
She looks for :  French language exchange
Enchanté!je m'appelle Kanna.j'ai 29ans. j'habite à Japon. je suis allée à france deux fois. Je veux apprendre plus le français. j 'adore des musique,film(surtout en français),beaux-arts,photo,cuisine etc... Étudions ensemble japonais et français ☺︎ はじめまして。わたしは かんな です。フランス語を少し勉強しています。もっとフランス語を上手に話したいです。フランス語と日本語で、一緒に勉強しましょう☺︎
Yusufdalb - Language exchange
TR Turkey
He speaks :  Turkish
He looks for :  German language exchange
English language exchange
French language exchange
Italian language exchange
Russian language exchange
I am interested in literature, politics and philosophy
Siruwang - Language exchange
CN Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China
She speaks :  Chinese
She looks for :  French language exchange
English language exchange
Hello, everyone. My name is Siru, living in China. If you want to learn Chinese and Cantonese, feel free to contact me.
Millynypo - Language exchange
UA Kharkov, Ukraine
She speaks :  Russian
She looks for :  English language exchange
Heeey! I'm Katia. Don't want to fill your brain with unnecessary information so what can I tell about myself? Go to the gym, interested in design, medicine, can't live even a day without music or watching any movie. And ,of course, love long walks. Want to find new friends and improve my English. I can help you with Russian or Ukrainian if you want.
Dumarche - Language exchange
FR Aramon, France
She speaks :  French
She looks for :  English language exchange
Spanish language exchange
Japanese language exchange
German language exchange
Bonjour, Je m'appelle Apolline. J'aime beaucoup les langues étrangères. J'aimerais perfectionner mon Anglais, mon Japonais, mais aussi me remettre à l'Espagnol et commencer à apprendre l'Allemand. Enchantée !
Goldfish - Language exchange
GB United Kingdom
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Russian language exchange
Hello, My name is Erin. I'm 24 years old and I live in in the United Kingdom. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Russian. I'd be happy to help you to learn English in exchange.
Vickyeahx - Language exchange
BR Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
Japanese language exchange
Chinese language exchange
Hello, I'm Vitoria, 23 years old and I'm from Brazil. I'm interested in learning chinese, korean and japanese at the moment and mostly developing my korean and chinese skills for now. If you need help, just message me. PS: I'm looking for serious language/culture exchange partners.
Patricioestrella - Language exchange
CL Valdivia, Chile
He speaks :  Spanish
He looks for :  Irish language exchange
Icelandic language exchange
Japanese language exchange
English language exchange
Mi nombre es Patricio, tengo 29 años, y me gustaría practicar mi inglés, además de aprender otros idiomas (japonés, islandés, irlandés). Más que aprender idiomas, quiero conocer sobre otras culturas y hacer amigos! Si quieres conversar conmigo, solo escríbeme My name is Patricio, I'm 29, and I'd like to practice my english, and learn other languages. More than languages, I want to know about other cultures and make friends If you want to talk with me, just send me a message! ;)
Lhingron - Language exchange
MA Casablanca, Morocco
He speaks :  Arabic
He looks for :  English language exchange
I try to learn english fluently,So if any one look to practice language plz free to add my whatsapp, I hope soon talk to u xd.Have a Nice Day All
Monsieury - Language exchange
DE Munich, Germany
He speaks :  German
He looks for :  Russian language exchange
Spanish language exchange
Hi there, I am currently learning Russian and would like to practice more. Also starter in Spanish. In exchange I can offer French, English or German. See you soon! Yves