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GB Liverpool, United Kingdom
Native language :  Akan, English
Studied language :  Korean, Chinese, Japanese
My name is Annetha and I am Ghanaian/British. I speak English and Akan. I am currently trying to learn Chinese. I am still at a beginner level and I hope to be able to learn Korean and Japanese as well. Trying to learn three different languages is not the best idea so I am sticking to Chinese first and hopefully be able to pick it up quickly and move on to the next two (probably unrealistic but I can dream :-) Any help would be appreciated and I don't mind helping anyone with English if they want to
DE Germany
Native language :  German
Studied language :  Spanish, Swahili, English
Hello friends, my name is Virginia and I come from Germany. I love learning language. My english and french are very teribble and I want to change that. My spanish is a bit better, but I still have a lot to learn. I learned Swahili 9 Years ago and I would like to learn it again. I don`t no much more. I`m looking forward to your post. Bye Virginia
VN Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Native language :  Viêt Namese
Studied language :  English
Hello! I m Vietnamese. I only begin to learn English. If you are also learning Vietnamese, we make friend and exchange.
TW Taiwan
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  German
Hello, I can speak Chinese and English though. I would like to learn different language like German or others. Well, never learned the language, it's totally a new start. I hope someone can help me start the language. :) thanks lot.
IT Treviglio, Italy
Native language :  Italian
Studied language :  German, Spanish, French, English
I study Agro-Environmental Biotechnology at Bachelor level by the University of Milan and I yearn to attend a related Master at Wageningen University, in the Netherlands. I've studied for 2 months in Leipzig (DE) through a DAAD Scholarship and in March I'll begin a 6 months long traineeship in Bonn (DE) thanks to the Erasmus+ Progam. I enjoy several activities and cultivate many interests, among others: travelling, gardening, cooking, reading manga, manwha, sci-fi and fantasy novels and scientific and historical essays, riding horses and bikes, playing rugby (not watching). Even if at the moment I'm not practicing your language, feel free to contact me, because I'm probably interested in your culture. You can contact me on facebook or skype.
AT Vienna, Austria
Native language :  German, English, Tagalog
Studied language :  Chinese, Spanish, Japanese
Hello, Currently, I am learning Mandarin Chinese on my own and I would like to find someone, who can help me with the language. As an exchange I can teach you my native German and English, since I was a teacher for both languages. But if you are interested in more languages I can offer Japanese as well, because I lived in Japan for my studies. I used to live in the Philippines too, so I can also teach you Filipino. Therefore, I look forward to be in contact with an interesting open-minded person.
RU Moscow, Russia
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  German, Russian
Hi, guys! I'm Sho. Now I'm studying Russian in Moscow. Nice to meet you.
RU Moscow, Russia
Native language :  English, French
Studied language :  English, Russian, Spanish, Italian
Hello everyone, My name is Carsley, I'm from Congo Brazzaville and I'm living in Moscow , My native language is French and I speak English too I'm learning russian , Spanish, and italian I'm open to everyone who want sharing experience of language About what I know, and to friendship....
BR Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Native language :  Portuguese
Studied language :  German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Good morning ladies and gentlemen! I'm a brazilian guy of twenty. Portuguese is my native language, but I also speak Spanish and English, although not perfectly. I am also studying other languages, but my level is far from satisfactory in them (French, German and Italian). I would very much like to study Russian and Japanese in the future. I am very interested in several areas, among them; Music (I'm very eclectic), cinema, painting, sports, financial market, entrepreneurship, literature, Judaism, etc. I watch many TV shows... Rick and Morty, Suits, Bojack Horseman, Californication, Downton Abbey, The Ranch, Elementary, Burn Notice, among others, we can talk about these series, or some other one you watch. I'd like to meet several countries around the world, Eastern Europe is so rich culturally, Russia is super interesting, Japan seems to be from a parallel universe, Israel is like a rare gem yet undiscovered, South Africa seems to have so much to say, Turkey and its mixture between West and east. Argentina and its glorious past, Chile and its promising future, South Korea and all its tradition... United States and all its power, China and its millennial history, Australia and New Zealand with all natural diversity, and all those were just to name a few, the world really has a lot to offer. Well, now let’s talk about what I’m looking for here… I want to meet new people, meet new cultures, share stories, share opinions. I think we can learn a lot from each other. I want someone with whom I can talk about various subjects, (deep subjects and superficial subjects), summarizing: I am in search of fun people (with a dark humor... or not) who are passionate about life. I am looking for long friendships. I really have no problem with age, with nationality, and such things. If you have read all of this, and you are in doubt whether or not to send me an email… I ask you, what do you have to lose? Take a chance! message me.
RU Voronezh, Russia
Native language :  Russian
Studied language :  Japanese
Hi, my name is Alexandr, you can also call me Alex or アレクサンドル. I am 18 years old. I want to learn Japanese and a little English. I can teach you Russian if you want