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DE Germany
Native language :  German
Studied language :  English, Korean
Hi, my name is Sophie. I'm from Germany and currently studying at university. I would like to improve my English skills and start learning a bit of Korean by the way. My native language is German so I can help if you have some problems or questions. I'm looking for chat partners. See you!
KE Nairobi, Kenya
Native language :  English, Swahili
Studied language :  Japanese, German, Korean
I am a PR professional crazy about foreign languages. I speak fluent English and Swahili and intermediate German. I also speak basic Korean and Japanese. In my free time, I love to go bike riding, watch movies and series, travel. I also enjoy making new friends. I look forward to a fruitful interaction.
KR Busan, Korea
Native language :  Korean
Studied language :  French, Japanese, English
Hello, I'm Jiyeon. I love hiking, travelling and reading. I'm looking for someone to exchange culture and language. I'm studying English and Japanese. It would be great practice for me just to talk about cultural differences, each other's country, books,,,literally anything with you. I try to travel every year so speaking English and Japanese is needed. And I can be your Korean teacher, too. I was born, raised and still live in Busan, Korea. I'll be happy to help. I speak English and Japanese but not fluently. I don't speak French. I want to learn someday. I hope to have good friends here and if you think like me, message me. 안녕 ~
LK Dambulla, Sri Lanka
Native language :  English, Sinhalese
Studied language :  Japanese, Russian, French, Tamil
Hi everyone .I am 25 years old student from Sri Lanka. Although I am willing to learn japanese, France Tamil and Russian languages, I like to have friends from all around the world. Because I like to learn about different cultures and countries. So don't hesitate to send me a massage . I can help you to improve your English knowledge Although I am not a good teacher ,I think , I will be able to help you to improve your english knowledge .Secret of learning languages is you have to use it frequently . Then you will speak and write English easily . Well, more about me..I like reading , travelling ,music and learn more about the world. I am still studying medicine and If you are Interested ,send me a massage .your massages are always welcome
ZA South Africa
Native language :  Afrikaans, English
Studied language :  Korean
Hi from South Africa! I am very much interested in learning Korean - language and culture. I am a quick learner and enjoy working hard towards my goals. I am also willing to help teach English as I really enjoy helping others. Let's talk about language or culture or food or how the weather is :) I hope to find good language friends!
CN Nanjing, China
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  English
Hi, my name is Ken and I'm from Chinese. I have studied the master's degree in Psychology at the University. I love read, thinking, and fencing. I have a good understanding of Chinese culture and Chinese history. So I'd be happy to help you to learn Chinese in exchange. Also I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English.
CN Guangzhou, China
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  English
I have learned Japanese in college and working at a Japanese company. Now I am improving my English and prepare to change my job in the future. I want to meet more friends at here and practice my spoken English. As a return, I will help to improve your Chinese as my best.
TW Taiwan
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  Japanese, English
Hello I'm Amy!!! I would like to practice English and Japanese and making friends from all over the world!! I'm trying to learn Spanish too. I'm a student from Taiwan!! Nice to meet you!!
PL Katowice, Poland
Native language :  German, Georgian
Studied language :  English, Polish
Hello, My name is V. I'm 28 years old and I live in Katowice, in Poland. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English and Polish. I'd be happy to help you to learn German and Georgian in exchange.
MA Rabat, Morocco
Native language :  Arabic, English, French
Studied language :  Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese
I speak Arabic, french and english fluently, and looking for friends from all over the world ( from Japan and Korea especially ), to learn more about the language and the culture. Open minded, love to interact with other people from other countries as well . I love asian relaxing music, history, Japanese and Korean architecture, beach walks :) Peace ;)