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ZA South Africa
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  German language exchange
Korean language exchange
Russian language exchange
Spanish language exchange
Hi! I am a 21 year old accounting student in Cape Town who loves meeting new people and learning languages. I enjoy sailing and seeing new places. Ich hab drei Jahre deutsch in der Schule gerlernt aber seit ich nach Süd Afrika gekommen sind, habe ich ganz wenig deutsch gesprochen. Also ich versuche meine deutsch zu verbessern. Hace poco comencé a aprender español así que mi español sigue siendo muy básico. Я преподаю себе русский, поэтому мне нужна вся помощь, которую я могу получить. 나는 한국에서 몇 년 안에 일하기를 시작했습니다. 한국어를 배우기 시작했습니다. :) Looking for friends to email and Skype with and hopefully meet up in the near future
JP 上海, Japan
She speaks :  Chinese
She looks for :  French language exchange
Japanese language exchange
Korean language exchange
English language exchange
Hi,My name is Lily, I worked at shanghai,but right now I am being Japan for a short time. I'd like to learn different language and make friends with people from different place. I like reading, traveling, Please feel free to contact me:)
UA Ukraine
She speaks :  Russian
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
English language exchange
Hello ) My name is Alexandra, but my friends call me Sunny. My English leaves much to be desired, but I stubbornly continue to learn this language*-* My dream is to learn Korean language! I just started learning it, I hope you will help me to study Korean and English language. In turn, I will try to help you than I can )
MD Moldova
She speaks :  German
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
Hi everyone! I'm Olga and I'm very interested in learning Korean. I'd really appreciate if you help me to reach this goal. In exchange I could help you with your Russian or English skills if needed. Looking forward for your message! ))) Best regards!
IT Italy
She speaks :  Italian
She looks for :  English language exchange
I am an italian nurse and I am trying to improve my english writing.
PE Lima, Peru
She speaks :  Spanish
She looks for :  English language exchange
Hello, my name is Angui Palacios, I'm from Peru. My lenguage is espanish. I would like help you learning spanish, and to practice english too. I like reading books, especially literary works. I like the english because i'm studying Administration of international business.
KR Seoul, Korea
She speaks :  Korean
She looks for :  English language exchange
Hello, I am looking for friends to have language exchange. I lived in london and had some tutees who was learning Korean with me. I am intersted in variety of cultures and languages as well. So if you have intersted in studying with me and also exchange cultures then we would be good friends.^^
RS Novi Sad, Serbia
He speaks :  Bosnian
He looks for :  German language exchange
English language exchange
I am living in Serbia and I want to improve my English and German, if anybody wants to learn Serbian I be glad to help.
KR Ulsan, Korea
He speaks :  English
He looks for :  Korean language exchange
Hello, Joseph here! I recently moved to South Korea and I'm looking to study the Korean language. Besides being a native English speaker, I studied English at University, so I can certainly help you improve your speaking and writing skills. I enjoy writing and reading in my free time, as well as hiking and exercising to improve my health. Feel free to contact me so that we both grow and learn!
GB Oxford, United Kingdom
She speaks :  English
She looks for :  Korean language exchange
I am currently trying to learn Korean, but I want to learn it by practising it with people instead of using books because I think it would be more helpful. I watch a lot of Korean dramas and listen to Kpop too which is a big help. I would love to help you with English, so I hope we can get along well!