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FR Thionville, France
Native language :  French
Studied language :  English
Hi, I am married with two kids and I would like to practice seriously my English and improve my speaking and understanding for professional reason but also because I like English language. As I am a native French speaker I would like also to help you to learn and practice French. Your French level is not important to me, I am a patient person. I am friendly and simple don't hesitate to contact me. Raphaël.
CN Songjiang, China
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  Korean, Viêt Namese, Chinese
大家好,我是日本人。八月份刚刚到上海之根松江为了工作的原因。看起来这边外国人很少,哎呀~。 我2014到2015在北京留过学,可是之后不太用中文所以现在中文水平很糟糕! 所以现在需要找个朋友帮助练习中文。我可以帮助大家的日文(标准话和关西话)。 现在住在松江区,上海。请多多光照。 Hi guys, I am a Japanese currently living in Songjiang, Shanghai. Just moved here in August for work. It seems there are so few of foreigners here, I want to make friends hopefully in Songjiang. I can help you with your Japanese. Nice to see you.
HU Hatvan, Hungary
Native language :  Hungarian
Studied language :  English
I want to learn and practice English.I would like expressions used in everyday life to learn English!
CA Vancouver, Canada
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  English
Hi I'm Hiro (Japanese) :) I like traveling and meeting new friends. I'd like to improve my English, of course I can teach you Japanese (language, culture, anything !! without anime haha) I love sports, travel, movie, music, a lot of things !! let's exchange and improve our language together !! and more than that, be friends !!!! Thanks :)
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Korean
Hello, I am Briana I am going to college to become a lawyer, I may not have a large amount to learn Korean but wouldn't mind helping you learn English, the best way to get to me would be threw email or KakaoTalk.
TR Istanbul, Turkey
Native language :  Turkish
Studied language :  English
"Romantic writer with rebellious and free soul" Hello to everyone and thanks for visiting my profile. My name's Sercan, I'm from Turkey and I live in Istanbul. For me it's the most beautiful and special city of the world that's why I feel very lucky myself. I think everyone must visit and see here once in his/her lifetime. Honesty is the most important thing and value in my life, I care aout that so much. I know it's difficult to trust on people both on internet and in real but I can promise that I will be honest and try my best if someone needs help or has request. I always accept my mistakes, negative sides and try to be a better person, behave kind, nice to people. I guarentee fun and beautiful time whoever meet and talk to me. If you'd like to learn some Turkish I can help you with pleasure. By the way I'm a big Besiktas and Barcelona fan so Barça fans are extra welcome! Think positive, always smile :)
IN Bhopal, India
Native language :  English, Hindi
Studied language :  English
I am pratap singh, living in bhopal with parents. looking for job now. but going with lack of confidence these time in interviews. i had studied in english medium school. but didn't pay any attention towards grammar, but now i want to improve my grammar in spoken english
DE Freiberg, Germany
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  German, Polish, Russian, English
My name is Fei and I am from China. I am a PhD student and now living in Germany. I love to visit new places and experience different cultures, so if want to learn Chinese and know the real China, feel free to contact me! It would be much better if you can help me with the languages on the list. We can talk through Wechat or Skype regularly!
MA Settat, Morocco
Native language :  Arabic
Studied language :  English, French
Bonjour , J'ai bien aimé l'idée de ce site web. Je cherche un partenaire pour améliorer mon niveau d'anglais. merci
UA Lviv, Ukraine
Native language :  Ukrainian
Studied language :  English, Polish
I will be very grateful If you could practise with me English)) If you want to learn more about Ukraine, its history, culture and of course to learn Ukrainian, so you are welcome!)))