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KR Korea
Native language :  Korean
Studied language :  English
Hello! I am from South Korea. I am interested in different cultures, I'd like to talk about a lot of topics. I can teach you Korean words and grammar rules and help you practice. I loooooooooooove music! If you play musical instruments or write songs or love singing, please text me! Have a good day!
PL Katowice, Poland
Native language :  German, Georgian
Studied language :  English, Polish
Hello, My name is V. I'm 28 years old and I live in Katowice, in Poland. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English and Polish. I'd be happy to help you to learn German and Georgian in exchange.
MA Rabat, Morocco
Native language :  Arabic, English, French
Studied language :  Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese
I speak Arabic, french and english fluently, and looking for friends from all over the world ( from Japan and Korea especially ), to learn more about the language and the culture. Open minded, love to interact with other people from other countries as well . I love asian relaxing music, history, Japanese and Korean architecture, beach walks :) Peace ;)
ES Madrid, Spain
Native language :  Spanish
Studied language :  English, Russian, Lithuanian
I am a native Spanish speaker and I can also speak English, I want to practice my English and I´d like to learn some Russian and Lithuanian. I live in Madrid, if you are learning Spanish, don't hesitate to ask, no matter how basic. I Like to travel and gaining knowledge about different cultures and make good friends. I am open minded, always trying to learn something new, I Like sports, beaches, travel, photography... Thanks for reading. You can write me.
US Greer, USA
Native language :  Arabic, English
Studied language :  Korean, Chinese, Japanese
Hi my name is Mona I'm disabled with an autoimmune disease called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which is also a chronic illness & recently had an ankle replacement & spend much time in bed I've had multiple operations & all joints replaced. I'm fluent in English & speak Arabic Palestinian dialect but don't read or write also I studied Spanish for 6 years however don't speak or write fluently but can read & understand a lot. I've always loved languages & have been told I have great pronunciation in languages I live in USA greer South Carolina (if you live in same area as me and can help me learn Chinese Mandarin and I help with English please please please contact me through one of the listed accounts below & set a date to meet up at Barnes & Noble). I'm interested in learning Chinese Mandarin reading writing speaking because I'd like to travel to Taiwan & other Asian countries in the near future also I watch a lot of Taiwanese dramas, Chinese movies, & Japanese anime. If you're able to help me learn Chinese Mandarin. Besides learning Chinese Mandarin I'm also interested in Cantonese, Japanese, & Korean. I'd love to improve my Spanish skills. So if you're willing to help me with any of these languages I'd greatly appreciate it????. I'm willing to help you & teach you English & become friends. BTW I'm not gold member. You can contact me. Don't be shy. Send me a message. I'll reply asap best way to reach me is Facebook I'm always so sick with my chronic illness & disability so it'd be great if you can be flexible, understanding, & patient with me because I really want to learn Chinese Mandarin with both traditional & simplified characters in reading, writing, speaking, & pronouncing properly in pinyin & zhuyin BoPoMoFo pronunciations. Chinese Characters pinyin & zhuyin: how to write them understand them use them. I welcome any learning resources. I would need regular classes as mentioned I'm a Total beginner. I need a tailored course for reading, writing, speaking, & understanding Chinese Mandarin both traditional & simplified Chinese characters. I learn best with hands on teaching textbooks any resources as well as being able to video chat a custom tailored lesson plan. I'm currently trying to learn Chinese but have become confused with all this traditional & simplified because when I use google translate it gives me the same characters & translation for both. So I don't know which I should learn I bought textbooks but didnt realize they're in simplified Chinese also I bought a language program for Chinese Mandarin specifically & am learning a lot from it; however remembering & memorizing the characters for the words is the hardest for me. If you can help me please please let me know. I'm just now finding out about zhuyin (used in Taiwan) vs pinyin (used in china) this has added more confusion & frustration for me. I'm using living languages complete edition Chinese Mandarin as well as integrated Chinese textbook (which I just realized is in simplified Chinese not traditional) from cheng tsui. Please help! Can you teach me all these things & do a custom tailored lesson for me? I'm using my iPhone & iPad because it's easier for me with my disability than using laptop
CA Mississauga, Canada
Native language :  Chinese
Studied language :  Spanish
Hola, soy un estudiante internacional de posgrado en la Universidad de Toronto. Mi especialidad es la Contabilidad. Ya aprendí español por 4 años en China pero me falta la práctica y por eso no hablo la lengua bien. Me gustaría conocer alquien que me pueda ayudar y en cambio, puedo ayudarle con el chino si le interesa.
LT Vilnius, Lithuania
Native language :  Belarusian, Russian
Studied language :  Lithuanian, English, Spanish
Меня зовут Оксана. Я изучаю литовский, английский и испанский языки. Могу предложить в обмен общение на русском????.
KR Seoul, Korea
Native language :  Korean
Studied language :  Japanese, English
I am an ordinary worker who likes to travel in Korea. I travel overseas every year. I want to start my English study so that I can have a good conversation with my local friends. As a good friend .... I wish I could have a pleasant language study.
SE Sweden
Native language :  English, Swedish
Studied language :  Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Hello! I'm Swedish, but I also speak fluent English. I love to talk, so don't be afraid to send me a message! I'm used to teaching others and helping out with their English, so I would gladly help you too! I don't bite, I promise ;) Furthermore, I have a strong addiction to emojis, and may or may not use them too much, as well as using a lot of sarcasm. Books, movies, music, dramas and paper-cutting are my hobbies. I'm studying a lot of languages at the same time, so if I all of the sudden start to talk in Latin instead of Spanish, that's the reason why :D
DE Hanover, Germany
Native language :  German
Studied language :  English
Hello! I am a research assistant at the University of Hannover and I would like to improve my English for private and professional reasons. I would like to speak regularly. In return, I can help you to improve your German. I give courses in the university, so I am a good and patient teacher.