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JP Tokyo, Japan
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  English
Hi there, Nice to meet you! I don't speak in English very well, so I am looking for language exchange partner. Of course, friends too! If you help with my English, I can help you Japanese. Let's talk over a cup of coffee or drink? ;) I have LINE or email. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks you!
AU Sydney, Australia
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  English
Hi!! my name is kazuki. I'm from Japan. I'm 20 years old. I wanna speak English. So please teach me English:(!!!! Also I wanna make friend :) Nice too me you.
BS Bahamas
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Spanish
I'm trying to become fluent in Spanish :)
US Los Angeles, USA
Native language :  English, Chinese
Studied language :  Japanese
VN Vietnam
Native language :  Korean, Viêt Namese
Studied language :  English
Hi. I'm Oanh from Viet Nam. I come here to find some partners to practise English. 안녕하세요. 영어 공부하는 베트남에 온 오아잉이라고 합니다. 여기에 와서 영어를 같이 연습하는 사람들을 찾아봅니다. 반갑습나다.
US Privado, USA
Native language :  English, Spanish
Studied language :  Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Hi guys! Hola, 你好、こんにちは、안녕하세요! As you can tell from my profile, I speak fluent Spanish and English! ^^ And I'm learning Chinese, Japanese and Korean! ^_^ I like drawing, travelling, and hanging out with friends! If you're interested in learning English or Spanish, message me! I'd like to chat with people from China, Japan and Korea! But please keep in mind that I only accept messages from people who are 16-18. Anywho, let's be friends! ^0^
SE Sweden
Native language :  English, Swedish
Studied language :  Korean
Hi, I'm Kevin - a Swedish 25-year-old that fancy Korea a lot. I took up my Korean studies lately and currently looking for a language partner to improve all aspects of the language. I speak Swedish and English fluently so if you need any help regarding those languages I'd be happy to help :) Don't be shy to shoot a message. I'm open to chat about most things! Peace!
US Sanford, USA
Native language :  English
Studied language :  Chinese
Hi! My name is Adam! :D I'm 15 and I live in the United States of America I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese, and I thought getting a Pen-Pal would really help me improve my Chinese. I also like the idea of making friends from another culture. Making a friend that speaks Mandarin Chinese will really benefit both of us! It helps us both improve our skills, it will help me improve my Chinese and help you improve your English! I am in the second year of the Chinese class at my school, and I know a good amount of conversational skills. I am alright at reading and writing, but I need to improve my speaking skills. Message me if you would like to chat! :D
CL Santiago, Chile
Native language :  Spanish
Studied language :  English
Hello, My name is jose farias. I'm 20 years old and I live in Santiago, in Chile. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Spanish in exchange.
NL Amsterdam, Netherlands
Native language :  Japanese
Studied language :  English, Spanish, Dutch